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An Interview with Jackie Moes of Hirenomics

An Interview with Jackie Moes of Hirenomics

How do you get to know a client, their challenges, their culture, so that you may identify the best candidate(s) to fit their needs?
When we begin conversations with a potential client, getting to know each other is imperative. A client’s commitment to human capital must be rooted in their culture and process. We know our clients are extremely busy and have high demands put upon them but when it comes to identifying talent and what that might look like for them, we encourage them to dig deep. 

We seek to understand as much as possible about the team, hiring manager(s), why the position is open, etc. While the world we live in may feel big, it’s surprisingly small. People are interconnected, and a firm’s reputation is more important now than ever before. We don’t want the candidates we present to our clients to be surprised by anything. Transparency with both the client and our candidates is key. And with that, we then craft the client’s “story.”

Tell us more about this “client’s story.” What does that mean? And why is it important?
Once we have a clear understanding of the client, the team, and the cross-functional stakeholders key to their position, as we get to know a candidate we are able to determine whether they will be a good fit personally and professionally. The goal isn’t to turn over dozens of potential candidates to a client and make them do a ton of legwork and interviewing. We’re an extension of the team, bringing forward candidates that are indeed a match to the role but also the firm’s culture and goals. We present people that have experience that can help break down their challenges, grow their bottom line or provide the type of leadership that is required of each client’s unique organization. Ideally the client says, “Wow, these are three really great candidates!” and then it comes down to the right personality and making a connection that then brings forward a decision and an offer.

What is unique in the way Hirenomics conducts a search?
Honestly, the team at Hirenomics really puts in the time and energy on each and every search. We don’t work off lists from a database. Each search is unique; we go back to the basics and adhere to our customized search process. We are true Headhunters. We first spend several days conducting grassroots research specific to the role and hiring objectives of the client. We identify high-potential candidates and commit to multiple attempts of trying to connect with them. Top talent is always on the move. We must be nimble and flexible with not only how many attempts we make to reach them, but we also use different communication vehicles. 

We love having virtual “weekend coffee” conversations. We enjoy spending a lot of time getting to know our candidates, their history and experience, short and long-term goals, and digging deep into what is not on paper. If it’s mutually determined the candidate is a good potential fit for a role, we then begin our process of going through a series of questions and answers that are specific to each candidate. We then create a narrative for each candidate as well as a proprietary scorecard that we provide to our clients. This ensures they can compare and contrast all the skill sets and requirements that are necessary for the role. Equally as important is Hirenomics’ formal presentation to our client to discuss each candidate and the details we uncovered that are not on paper. This disciplined process takes time, but the results are why we have such amazing client retention. They trust our tried-and-true process and that we will do the work to uncover and present them the right talent for their team.

Recruiting has changed over the past decade, even the past two years, significantly. Talk about this, what changes have you seen that you embrace? What are some challenges?
Our jobs as recruiters have become much more fluid, it’s not an 8-5pm role. We make ourselves available at the times our candidates need us. And our team is okay with this. Candidates trust that the Hirenomics team has their best interests in mind. They must feel confident that we are not transactional or trying to “sell them a role” -- no one wins in this scenario. When both the Hirenomics team member and the candidate do not feel rushed or pressured, it creates the right type of tempo and vibe we want to achieve to truly understand a person and their career goals.  

Secondly, we work hard to foster diversity and inclusivity (D&I) with every search. This may mean working with the client to be more flexible about offering relocation, or hiring outside of the industry, where appropriate. Often, our goal is to educate the client about how to be sure D&I is represented in their business. Sometimes it means asking our clients if they might be open to someone with three or four of the five key criteria needed, or less years of experience. It’s important that we assess and openly discuss the opportunities and align with key stakeholders to define the proper criteria for attracting candidates of all backgrounds.

What do you see are your primary role with your clients when it comes to conducting searches on their behalf?
It’s important to us that Hirenomics becomes an extension of each client’s brand. We must probe and dig deep and aren’t afraid to ask the tough questions. Our expertise lies in not only helping unearth, interview and match candidates, but also listening to our clients and asking a lot about the role, its leaders, company history, take on working from home, etc. It’s important to us that we champion the opportunity. And we help both parties see the big picture.

Why should I choose Hirenomics as my executive recruiter of choice?
Our clients know the core of our firm, the type of people we are. That the Hirenomics team doesn’t want to let anyone down. We work hard with each opportunity to impress them, and constantly go above and beyond to achieve success. We will say no if we are not the right partner for a search, or when we don’t have the subject matter expertise for a role. We stick to what we do best, sales and distribution as well as risk and compliance roles in the Financial Services Industry. Travis, my business partner and I often reference growing up with fathers who we saw work hard every day. A handshake meant something to them. Their word mattered! We both have that same type of philosophy in our personal and professional lives. If this matters to our clients, we are a good potential partner for them. 

What’s important to you about your firm’s reputation?
That clients and candidates know we love what we do. Hirenomics changes people’s lives by presenting an opportunity that they didn’t even know about, and on the client side, a candidate that they wouldn’t have otherwise found. It’s extremely rewarding to be a part of making that perfect match. 

What types of clients do you seek to work with?
Clients that are driven and strive to keep up with change. Trusting. Committed to a partnership. Open and honest. Does this sound like you? Give us a call and let’s talk about how we can put our words into action and support your recruiting needs. 

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