Company Founders, Travis J. Lind and Jackie A. Moes joined forces in 2010 with the vision of providing authentic and dedicated service to clients who see our value as subject matter experts in executive search. In turn, we are their allies for search, providing transparent and dedicated service unique to each client and candidate that Hirenomics represents.

The History of Hirenomics

March 2020

Hirenomics entire search practice responds to the Covid-19 Pandemic and the safety of their employees by setting them up remotely throughout the country

March 2019

Risk, Compliance and Legal practice expands Nationally

August 2017

Hirenomics expands their financial services search practice to formally include Risk & Compliance in the Midwest market

June 2015

Hirenomics announces the launch of Hirenomics Contract Staffing, focusing on placement of contract employees in eDiscovery, Class Action, law firms, and corporations (Insurance, Healthcare, etc.).

February 2013

Hirenomics launches the firm’s next distinct search practice area in Legal Services, focusing on retained searches in the Metro area.

October 2011

Hirenomics moves to its current home on Metro Boulevard in Minneapolis, accommodating new employees as the company continues to grow.

January 2011

Hirenomics takes root in its first official office space on Lyndale Avenue in Minneapolis, adding new employees and expanding its Financial Services practice area to focus on numerous distribution levels within the industry, including banks, investment management firms and insurance companies.

November 2010

Travis and Jackie launch Hirenomics, which quickly grows to be one of the most premier search firms in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area and nationwide. Early searches focus on the financial services industry – which leads to the launch of Hirenomics’ first distinct search practice area: Hirenomics Financial Services.

July 2010

Travis and Jackie meet for the first time to discuss their mutual interests in developing a world-class executive recruiting firm that is focused on transparency, authenticity and optimal placements.