About Us

The Hirenomics Difference

Why do our clients look to Hirenomics as an authentic search partner?

INDUSTRY KNOWLEDGE: They look to Hirenomics as a vested partner on each critical hire. They count on us for our subject matter expertise
CUSTOMIZATION: Grassroots research on every search – we never rely solely on a “tired database”
OUR NETWORK: We have relationships with industry leaders across the globe
ACCOUNTABILITY: We deliver unparalleled results which are evident in our diversity placement,  client repeat business and closing rates.

Hirenomics, Inc. offers high-touch executive and professional search solutions on a national level, focusing on financial services, banks and credit unions, legal, risk and compliance and construction industries. Hirenomics founders, Travis Lind and Jackie Moes, together with their team, have over 53 years of collective industry expertise.  They are trusted advisers with tremendous market intelligence. They have earned a distinguished reputation with top executives in some of the world's largest financial services firms as well as boutique and niche firms.

Hirenomics' placement statistics are unparalleled in the recruiting world: the firm has a 99% closing rate on retained searches performed, 75% of our clients are repeat business and 39% of placed candidates are diversity or inclusion hires. 

Hirenomics is an executive search and professional placement firm focusing on the financial services industry, legal, risk and compliance and the commercial construction industry. Collectively our leaders have over 53 years of industry recruiting experience. We represent several premiere firms and companies across the country as well as niche firms with unique hiring needs.

The hirenomics difference
Hirenomics Search Traditional Search Firm
Ultra high-touch: 99% closing rate 52-71% average fill rate
True Head Hunters - targeted and focused research uncovering off-the-radar candidates our competitors will not find Sourcing from a tired database
Managing Partners work on your search. Details will not be lost in translation. Sales teams win business and hand off the work to junior recruiters

Defined search process:

  • Our researchers are required to create a new call list for EVERY SEARCH with a minimum of 200 new names. We then layer in our networking and industry contacts
  • The first calls are to industry leaders to ask “who they know”
  • We know our candidates better and find out what’s NOT on paper

Tired search process

  • Retrieve a list from a previous search
  • Make redundant calls to candidates only
  • Transactional – they don’t take the “deeper dive” to truly understand culture fit and long term employment potential for both client and candidate

We say No to a search if we:

  • Are not subject-matter experts on the industry/role
  • Cannot commit the time we promise to the search
Always say YES because they have to support their huge overhead

Internally motivated –

Driven to “never let our clients down”
Externally motived – about the money
We are accurate storytellers -- we tell our clients’ unique stories with passion and knowledge Sell a job at all costs to close the search
At the end of every search, we call each significant candidate/contributor to thank them on behalf of our client (not just those who interviewed in person) Call back only the candidates who interviewed
Paid to Perform Model – Negotiated fee as down payment and full balance upon completion 1/3 down, 1/3 when present candidates, 1/3 upon completion – motivation drops dramatically at 2/3 point
We continue recruiting until an offer has been accepted, we unearth candidates through the entire search process Once candidates are in play, searching for new candidates stops and they begin pushing the existing candidates on their clients in order to finish the search.