Our Approach

Core Components of Success

Firms get asked the question all the time – “How are you different than your competitors?” The core principals of a great partnership with our clients include five core components:

  1. Client Intimacy – To be good at our jobs, we first need to explore the human elements of the client and whether our partnership will uphold both of our values. At Hirenomics, we seek to identify clients who respect what we do. They take the time out of their extremely busy schedules to work with us. To find top tier talent, it’s a joint venture. Clients must be willing to talk about their internal culture with conviction, about their long-term goals with passion, and they agree that finding the right candidate is not simply about “checking a box.” Through building a strong relationship we can best understand the role, team, culture, and perceived future, and be prepared to present that story to potential candidates. 
  2. Process – Technology and tools for search have come a long way. Many firms will take shortcuts by sending out mass emails with a link to a “job description.” Search for many firms and internal recruiters has become very transactional. Hirenomics has state of the art tools and technology, but that is just the beginning. The Hirenomics commitment to EVERY SEARCH is spending 2-3 days conducting grassroots research on the specific role we are recruiting for. We are true Headhunters, and we are proud to say that. Clients should expect this.

    It’s because of this process, we can identify not only top talent but ensure Diversity & Inclusion is represented on every search. Simply put, we do the work. Once we complete the research, we create a compelling story about the firm. We talk about its history, culture and goals. We look to identify candidates who are looking forward and want advancement in the next role they seek. We will then spend hundreds of hours making phone calls. How can you sell a culture and a “job” though an email? Our Recruiters love this part of their jobs. Getting to know the candidates intimately is just as important as our clients.
  3. Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) – We are passionate about ensuring D&I is represented on every search. We are able to do so based on the sheer volume of people we call, our disciplined search process and continued networking wherever possible. We are committed to making sure clients have choices and that our candidates are well informed about the company they are looking to join. Learn more >
  4. Candidates – We are always humbled by the number of candidates that tell us how different their recruiting experience was with Hirenomics. Our commitment is not only to our clients, but our candidates are equally as important to us. Our job is to be sure when we discuss a role with a candidate that they feel well informed about the role, but also to understand what each candidate is looking for. Is the role we are presenting to them superior to their current role or professional aspirations? We will NEVER sell a role to a candidate. Once we educate a candidate about a role, we ask them to conduct their own due diligence about a firm, think about it and discuss it with family (where applicable). Changing careers can be one of the largest decisions a person can make. Hirenomics goal is to make a match for both the client AND the candidates we represent.
  5. Due Diligence – When we get down to identifying who a candidate finalist might be, our clients and candidates are both well informed and looking for a commitment. Clients have the peace of mind that comprehensive due diligence has been conducted. We partner with appropriate specialists to be sure education and licenses have been verified along with any customized background and reference checking our client requires for their internal compliance and onboarding.


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