Diversity & Inclusion

Fostering Diverse and Inclusive Organizations

To maximize the potential effectiveness and innovation of teams and organizations, it is important to proactively attract, train, and retain individuals of varying genders, ages, and backgrounds. A wide array of candidates may offer broader experiences and perspectives, which can enhance the ability of teams to help achieve a company's most challenging goals. Importantly, the team at Hirenomics believes that seeking and achieving staff diversity and inclusion should be a fundamental element of an organization's overall practices, policies and ongoing training. 

What Does Hirenomics Do?

Establish alignment with key stakeholders during search intake conversation to define criteria for ideal candidates:

  • Help clients to consider the benefits of selecting from a diverse and inclusive array of candidates.
  • Professional experience – consider what skills, experiences and potential value a diverse and/or inclusive candidate may bring. 
  • Job requirements – be clear and realistic about the must have candidate background and experience.
  • Relocation flexibility – suggest expanding search outside local market and be willing to relocate candidate.
  • Consider hiring candidates outside of the industry, where appropriate.
  • Assess and discuss openly with clients the firm/company culture and commitment from leadership regarding diversity and inclusion.

Grassroots research on every search to ensure diversity is being strongly represented: 

Search outreach:

  • Call hundreds of potential candidates.
  • Call our centers of influence (COIs) to ask them whom they know and recommend. COIs include members and board members of national associations, networks, and organizations that foster diversity and inclusion.  

Share the client story:

  • At the beginning of a search, we discuss the client's diversity and inclusion needs. This helps us to develop messaging for prospective candidates. We help to create a "buzz" around the role to help source appropriate candidates.
  • We understand and can describe the company culture, and how the firm supports diversity initiatives, including those pertaining to leadership.

Network affiliations:

  • Hirenomics has an ongoing commitment to attending meetings of local and national diversity and inclusion organizations, to stay aware of industry trends.

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