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5 Common Misconceptions About Recruiters

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5 Common Misconceptions About Recruiters

Author: Kristin Frame, Executive Recruiter, Hirenomics

There are a variety of common misconceptions about executive recruiters out there. Here we break down the top five, including information about how our team at Hirenomics operates, and why we are a valuable tool in your career advancement.

1.    We charge a fee to our candidates. This is false.

The way we make our money is from a mutually agreed on contract with the client. This can be based off of a flat fee for the role and/or based on the candidate’s salary offer. There is no impact on your future salary, in fact, most often we are able to help negotiate better offers on your behalf.

2.    We only present candidates who will earn the top dollar/most money. This is false.

We, specifically Hirenomics, adheres to the “best candidate for the job” mindset. Just because another candidate earns more money or currently has a higher salary does not mean they would be a good fit for the position (culture, growth, etc.). The reason our retention rate is so high is because we take the time to understand what’s not on paper, outside of just compensation, to ensure we are making a successful match. It is not in our benefit to just submit the highest paid candidate, as we may then have to “re-do” the search if that candidate leaves the role. 

3.    Recruiters/Firms are only for low paying/entry level roles and/or for the unemployed. This is false.

I would say today, 95%+ of Hirenomics' candidates are happily employed. That is why clients see the value in our services. If a client just posts a job, they are hoping that candidates will see it and apply. But if someone is currently employed and happy in their role, giving them no reason to search job boards, then the client is missing out on a large candidate pool. That’s where we come in. We are an extension of the client’s HR team, and we reach out and unearth those candidates who are currently working and make them aware of the opportunity and why it may be of interest to them compared to their current role. 

4.    Recruiters ghost or are non-responsive. This is false.

Recruiters, the ones who are good at what they do, set real time expectations with candidates on the front end of any conversation. They should be able to give you insight on what the client’s interviewing process and timing looks like. 

If there is a lag of response time, it may be because we are seeking guidance from our client if it’s a question or something that we do not have the answer to. We are the middle men and women. Often times, responses are left in the hands of the client and that’s where a recruiter’s relationship with the client is also imperative. Recruiters are a representation their firm, and it's in their best interest to respond to our questions in a timely manner so that we may relay that information to our candidates. 

5.    It's a waste of time to take a call from a Recruiter when you aren't on the market. This is false.

Think about it. If you were starting the job search process, currently employed or not, it is literally a full time job to look for a new job. Cover letters, emails, resume updates to make sure your resume gets swept into the client’s ATS system--it’s daunting. Why not utilize a Recruiter (or two) who typically represent different clients and have your egg in more than one basket? The Recruiter spends time with you to get to know you, your career progression and what it is you are looking for in the next opportunity. Even if we don’t have a current opportunity, we may have suggestions on who to reach out to, such as HR contacts at specific companies. 

Take calls from firms like Hirenomics. Hear us out on what area/industry we have expertise in, how we go about recruiting (do clients hire them and only them or are they working the same roles as several other firms), etc. It's in your career trajectory's best interests to stay apprised and connected.

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