Vice President of Regulatory Relations


Vice President of Regulatory Relations

Practice Area: Compliance


The client, an international Fortune Global 300 banking and financial services firm with a major US headquarter contacted Hirenomics regarding an immediate opening for a regulatory affairs specialist in a senior-level role. The opening had emerged during a period where the client's Department of Labor regulatory caseload was full, and the client was in need of a quality candidate with broad regulatory and compliance experience to fill the position – quickly. 


Presenting "instant gratification and instant traction," the hired candidate gave the client's newer regulatory and compliance executive a "deep sense of security" in the team's continued growth and success.

Hirenomics' commitment to a quality, detailed search was put to the ultimate test in the client's compressed timeline. Multiple recruiters dove head-first into the project, probing into the client's specific appraoch to regulatory affairs and compliance, crafting careful messaging for discussing the immediate opportunity and reaching out to high-level regulatory specialists acrross the U.S. to build a focused network of potential candidates that could make a more immediate move. 

Building an effective go-to-market strategy for the role was key. Hirenomics worked diligently to ensure that the client had a posture in the marketplace that was commensurate with it's reputation as a leading  financial services firm. Hirenomics highlighted the regulatory team's new, dynamic leadership and emphasized the large, transformational changes happening within the firm that would allow the candidate that stepped into this role ample opportunity for innovation and leadership. 

Hirenomics was careful that, despite the urgency of the project, company commitment to a thorough and detailed search process were never overlooked. Extra manpower was dedicated to research and due diligence, ensuring that the most strategic network of regulatory specialists and candidate referrals was built in optimal time. Care and attention was paid to each individual that the firm reached out to, with search leaders working hard to get to know both the personal and professional fit of presentable candidates. Hirenomics' no-fail policy and trust in it's customized search process proved paramount in the search's overall success.

Hirenomics was able to formally present five effective regulatory titans to the client in just six days. The caliber of candidates, the quality of candidate profiles presented and the time frame they were presented in exceeded the client's internal team's expectations. Within just another week, the client was able to interview three of those candidates and make a formal offer to an individual who could step up and make an immediate impact on the firm's regulatory and compliance team. 


Within mere weeks of presenting the project to Hirenomics, the client onboarded a high-level, dynamic regulatory candidate to the senior level position. The candidate selected was a 14-year, go-to regulatory affairs executive at a large financial services firm. Despite being in line for continued upward mobility at her current firm and being a highly respected internal specialist in DOL and FINRA negotiations that had saved her firm hundreds of thousands of dollars in outside counsel fees, the candidate was ready for a new set of challenges and the potential that the client's position offered to make a dynamic influence on the regulatory affairs field. 

Presenting "instant gratification and instant traction," the hired candidate gave the client's newer regulatory and compliance executive a "deep sense of security" in the team's continued growth and success. The client has found immense trust with Hirenomics' search team's mutual interest in finding them optimal talent, and the client's hiring managers have endorsed Hirenomics to other team leaders as a top firm to go to for future specialized and challenging regulatory and compliance hires.