Vice President of Marketing


Vice President of Marketing

Practice Area: Financial Services

Stadion Money Management, a privately-owned money management firm based in Athens, GA, was challenged in finding a qualified candidate to fill a replacement leadership role in their marketing department. Stadion was in need of an individual with a true marketing background, with niche expertise in 401k and retirement investments. Leaders at Stadion had struggled to find someone with these qualifications, who also fit into their somewhat limited range for overall compensation. Additionally, the role was geographically challenging, limited to the small college town and its smaller market of financial professionals. 

Hirenomics created a creative and customized search plan to meet the unique challenges of Stadion’s VP of Marketing position. Aided by conversation with Stadion’s leaders, Hirenomics was able to develop a strategy to ensure that the most qualified candidate, who fit the unique specifications of the role, would be unearthed. Hirenomics created a plan that included the following:

Presenting an analysis of Stadion’s current standing among industry professionals, analyzing similar roles for intel regarding compensation expectations and role responsibilities, and representing Stadion’s unique culture of high integrity and family focus in the market.
Seeking out strong up-and-comers in the local markets and individuals pursuing continued education opportunities, in turn ensuring that the final presented candidates would have the expertise needed for Stadion’s role while still being comfortable in the offered compensation range.  
Spending hundreds of hours both in-person and via phone with potential candidates, getting to know them with more care and detail in order to better recommend candidates based not only on skillset and qualifying background, but on how they would fit into the Stadion Money Management culture.
Building a new network of 400 new connections specific to this role and layering in the existing Hirenomics network so that all industry professionals and potential candidates were reached. This ensured that a good candidate wasn’t simply found – the best candidate for the job was offered the position.

Hirenomics presented Stadion with a small, select, and exemplary pool of candidates with outstanding qualifications, excellent leadership skills, and the aptitude to work in the distinct company culture. From that pool of candidates, Stadion hired Stephanie Hunt, whose responsibilities now include helping to increase Stadion’s retirement assets under management and promoting overall brand awareness. Leaders within Stadion have already expressed that Stephanie’s contributions to the marketing team have been immeasurable.