Senior Investment Consultant


Senior Investment Consultant

Practice Area: Financial Services


Hirenomics' client approached them to help them tackle a difficult search. The client, an investment management firm specializing in personalized portfolio management for high-net-worth individuals, was looking for a high-level sales professional to work with their top-tier clients. Most high performing sales professionals do not have a CFA designation, and many do not have an MBA degree –both of which were on the client's wish list. 


Hirenomics has a no-fail policy for their searches and took the client's critiques as an opportunity to better the partnership and enhance the search. Together, Hirenomics and the client worked to redefine priorities and find the ideal candidate that would fill this senior role.  

Hirenomics dove into the search right away, analyzing the client's wants and focusing their search to fulfill that wish list. The role in question was expansionary and would be taking over a portion of New England territory where a base out of Long Island (as opposed to New York City proper) would be crucial in connecting with specific customers.  Hirenomics began its search by carefully and resourcefully connecting with CFA and MBA designated sales professionals in the Long Island area, culminating in a presentation of 3 candidates to the client that met all of their specifications.

The presented candidates, however, did not have the true sales capacity that the client was looking for in this particular role despite technically checking all of their boxes. Hirenomics has a no-fail policy for their searches and took the client's critiques as an opportunity to better the partnership and enhance the search. Together, Hirenomics and the client worked to redefine priorities and aspirations for the ideal candidate that would fill this senior role. It was decided that an MBA would not be a priority for the candidates considered for this position.  

Hirenomics was able to quickly build a new pipeline of potential candidates that would be optimal for the role. Hirenomics' revolutionary search process ensured that candidates with incredible potential – though without the specific MBA designation – were never left soured by the process and were continually engaged even beyond the first presentation of candidates. Within an incredibly quick turnaround, Hirenomics was able to present three more candidates to the client, all with the potential and panache this very particular role would require. 


The client was able to extend an offer to a stand out candidate who came from a portfolio management position at a Fortune 20 financial services firm. The candidate, who lived in Long Island, was excited about the opportunity to leverage his reputation as the face of some of his previous firm's most appealing products to a further-reaching audience. The candidate also had considerable relationships with many of the client's largest customers and was excited to step up to the plate for the client in this more senior sales role.  

When complications arose with the candidate's departure from his previous position, Hirenomics worked beyond the finish line to ensure that the candidate could make a smooth transition to the new role. Hirenomics' recruitment team counseled him through understanding his garden-leave contract and worked with both his old and new managers to create a transition that worked for the client while protecting the candidate's reputation at his old firm (and thus his reputation in the marketplace as a sales professional for Hirenomics' client).  This added service, as well as Hirenomics' dedicated commitment throughout the entire search process, has solidified Hirenomics as one of the client's go-to partners for searches in the future.