OppenheimerFunds Portfolio Analyst


OppenheimerFunds Portfolio Analyst

Practice Area: Financial Services

OppenheimerFunds came to us needing help adding a Portfolio Analyst for their National Strategic Accounts team. The firm had been looking for several months on their own, but it was a complicated role that was difficult for the Human Resource’s team. The National Strategic Accounts team wanted someone to work with their senior consultants, helping them build portfolios and go on meetings with sophisticated prospects/clients. Therefore they needed somebody that was a combination of manager due diligence and portfolio construction background as well as client interaction. The challenge of the role was to find unique individuals with both of those skills sets.

The approach Hirenomics took when looking for candidates was to find people with a CFA and making sure they had experience in manager due diligence and portfolio construction.  Then vetting candidates to learn about their backgrounds working with clients/advisors. Many of the candidates didn’t necessarily display that on their resumes and it was something Hirenomics had to seek out through personal conversation and correspondence.

For this search, 200 people were called, including 40-50 deep dive conversations with potential candidates. Hirenomics presented a pool of 7 highly-qualified candidates coming from larger firms within the industry.

The greatest market intelligence Hirenomics was able to gather for OppenheimerFunds was regarding compensation.  Many professionals in this role had a higher base pay than Oppenheimer was willing to offer, although they were more generous with incentive compensation. Oppenheimer also had to give a little bit on how deep of manager due diligence experience they wanted.  When looking for someone with a combination of skills, you usually can’t be very deep with both.

Hirenomics presented a highly qualified pool of candidates with outstanding qualifications and investment designations.  From the pool of candidates, the one hired was slightly more junior than some of the other candidates, but hungrier to get out and help them build this business. He holds the CFA designation and had been working closely with advisors at Northern Trust. He had that great combination OppenheimerFunds was looking for.  The most rewarding feedback Hirenomics received was that both the hiring manager and human resources at OppenheimerFunds was thoroughly impressed with the caliber of ALL candidates they interviewed for this role.