Head of Sales


Head of Sales

Practice Area: Financial Services


City National Rochdale, a top investment management firm specializing in personal portfolio management for high-net-worth clients, had struggled to unearth a quality leader for their integral head of sales role. City National Rochdale was in need of an individual with specialized credentials difficult to find in a sales role: both an MBA and CFA, They also needed the individual to have a background working with high net-worth clients, which would be of major importance in their role at City National Rochdale. 


"Travis acted in a thorough and professional manner, making sure the position was a good fit while still representing CNR and their business model proficiently," said Peter Green, Head of Sales at City National Rochdale. "It is because of the extremely positive experience I had during this search that we have since employed Hirenomics to help us fill a number of other key leadership roles."

Presenting an analysis of how City National Rochdale is currently perceived among industry professionals, and analyzing similar roles for intel regarding compensation expectations and role responsibilitiesHirenomics created a custom plan to meet the unique challenges, history, and objectives for the role. They initiated conversations with City National Rochdale’s leaders to ensure that the company’s precise brand was properly reflected throughout the search. These needs inspired Hirenomics to create a plan that included the following:

  • Spending hundreds of hours both in-person and via phone with potential candidates, getting to know them with more care and detail in order to better recommend candidates based not only on skillset and qualifying background, but on how they would fit into the City National Rochdale culture.
  • Building a new network of 530 new connections specifically for this role in addition to the existing Hirenomics network so that all industry professionals and potential candidates were reached. This ensured that a good candidate wasn’t simply found – the best candidate for the job was offered the position.
  • After the search’s completion, personally reaching out to the 135 key people that directly influenced the search to thank them for their contribution, ensuring that the high-touch City National Brand was positively reflected in the market


Hirenomics presented to City National Rochdale a small, select, and exemplary pool of four candidates with outstanding qualifications, excellent leadership skills, and the aptitude to work in the distinct company culture. From that pool of candidates, City National Rochdale hired Peter Green, who helped grow the already-thriving sales team to exceed their 2013 sales goal by 175%, resulting in a $1.75 billion sales intake. Impressed with Hirenomics’ skill in finding top talent, City National Rochdale has continued to utilize Hirenomics in filling five more SIC roles that require top-level qualifications. The sales team as a whole is expected to take in $2 billion in new net sales in 2014 – a perfect example of how a Hirenomics search offers a great return on investment for their client.

"I worked extensively with Travis when he recruited me to City National Rochdale," Green said. "He acted in a thorough and profesisonal manner, making sure the position was a good fit while still representing CNR and their business model proficiently. Because of the extremely positive experience both CNR and I had during that search, we have since employed Hirenomics to help us fill a number of key leadership roles. They have high expectations, and never waste our time, always presenting us with 3-4 candidates that exceed our expectations."