Associate Portfolio Manager


Associate Portfolio Manager

Practice Area: Financial Services


Hirenomics' client, an investment management firm specializing in personalized portfolio management for high-net-worth individuals, was having difficulty in filling a new role. The challenge? To find a junior-level portfolio manager with multiple high-level credentials. To top it off, the role was based in a suburban Orlando office – hardly a hub for financial services professionals.  


As Hirenomics conducted its strategic search strategy, the firm also focused on character fit for the role in the earliest stages of the search, ensuring that all the candidates Hirenomics presented to the client were capable of the full range of duties this particular position required.  




Hirenomics had to approach this search thoughtfully and also consider the multiple obstacles that finding the right candidate for this role would encounter. Working through these challenges on the front-end ensured that when Hirenomics approached the market, it could impeccably represent the client and intrinsically unearth the exact right candidates for the role.  

The client requires its Senior Portfolio Managers to hold both MBA and CFA designations, and prefers Junior Portfolio Managers to have both, or at least one with the second in development. Hirenomics worked with the client to recognize this challenge (one they might not face in their other markets) and prioritize designations in its search process, thus opening themselves up to a wider selection of sharp and ambitious candidates.

Additionally, while the client was open to a relocation to fill this position, Hirenomics knew that Junior Portfolio Managers are often hungry to grow in their careers. The client was looking for an individual who would be able to help build the St. Mary office under the leadership of two Senior Portfolio Managers, and could see themselves in the Orlando suburbs for the long haul. With that in mind, Hirenomics made the decision to minimize and centralize their search to candidates that were either in the area or had close-knit ties to it. 

Finally, the smaller size of the office required a candidate who, while junior, would have the capacity and charisma to help manage and direct two analysts that also worked in the office - a role not typically required of a more junior portfolio manager. As Hirenomics conducted its strategic search strategy, reaching out to over 130 new prospects for the client, the firm also focused on character fit for the role in the earliest stages of the search. This ensured that all the candidates Hirenomics would present to the client were capable of the full range of duties this particular position required.  

Hirenomics was able to formally present six dynamic individuals to the client – all with the high-quality designations, ambition for growth and leadership charisma that the role required. 


After an intensive interview process, challenged by the sheer caliber of multiple candidates presented, the client extended an offer to an experienced and hungry advisor. The candidate, an 8-year veteran at a small, local wealth management firm, checked every box on the client's wish list. He had an MBA from a distinguished nearby university, was in pursuit of his CFA and had a certain charismatic authority that would click well with the client's Senior Portfolio Managers and their analyst team. 

The client is also continuing to keep the door open with a second presented candidate, with hopes that as the office grows, the individual Hirenomics was able to find may also find a home in the Lake Mary office. Impressed with the caliber of Hirenomics' work, the client has continued to engage the firm with similarly-challenging Portfolio Manager roles (at all levels) in its many offices across the country – deepening the relationship between them and ensuring Hirenomics is able to make faster and more effective candidate recommendations because of it.