Listen | Customize | Deliver

Our team at Hirenomics has 30 years of experience dedicated to the evolving leadership market, with 10 years specializing in compliance-specific roles. 


Hirenomics Compliance Traditional Search Firm

99% closing rate on retained searches 

67% average fill rate

94% of our candidates remain employed at placement 

May guarantee a 1-year placement for recommended candidates 

40% Diversity and inclusion placement rate

10% of candidates are diversity candidates 

Never oversell a role -- we tell our clients’ unique stories with passion and knowledge  Sell a job at all costs to close the search

Defined search process – simply put, we will work harder than our competitors

1. Our researchers are required to create a new call list for EVERY SEARCH with a minimum of 200 new names. We then layer in our networking and industry contacts
2. The first calls are to industry leaders to ask “who they know”
3. We know our candidates better and find out what’s NOT on paper

Tired search process

1. Retrieve a list from a previous search
2. Make redundant calls to candidates only
3. Transactional – they don’t take the “deeper dive” to truly understand culture fit and long term employment potential for both client and candidate 



Representative Companies

We assist a variety of businesses with their retained search needs. 

  • Construction Companies
  • Financial Services Firms
  • Retail, Consumer Goods and Services Companies
  • High-Tech Firms
  • Energy & Utility Companies
  • Healthcare and Insurance Companies
  • Pharmaceutical Companies

Example Roles

We recruit for a variety of compliance roles.

  • Chief Compliance Officer
  • President / Vice President, Ethics and Compliance
  • Director of Compliance
  • Ethics and Compliance Manager
  • Compliance Specialist
  • Vice President, Enterprise Risk Management
  • Compliance Analyst
  • Corporate Governance Manager
  • Corporate Governance Analyst
  • Certified Risk Manager
  • HIPAA Compliance Officer
  • BSA/AML Compliance Manager
  • BSA/AML Compliance Analyst
  • Asset Managerment / Mutual Funds Compliance Officer

Don’t see the position you’re looking to hire listed here?

Please contact Jackie Moes at 612-243-9958 to discuss how Hirenomics can help with your professional placement needs.